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TSLOT Light Series

The TSLOT Series of lights are an 80/20 extrusion adaptive LED light illuminator with an intense and uniform light pattern that offer considerable energy savings over fluorescent lighting options. Mounting is easy in that the TSLOT unit slides into the extrusion with no need for extra mounting accessories. With the ability to direct-connect up to 6 modules lengths of 300mm to 1800mm are achievable in 300mm increments.

Warranty - The TSLOT has a 3 year limited warranty.


  • LED lighting slides into the extrusion; no extra mounting of additional lighting needed
  • Low-voltage 24VDC keeps installation green
  • Able to direct-connect up to 6 modules with one 24V power supply
  • Homogenous, uniform LEDs are a cost- and energy-saving replacement for fluorescent lighting
  • Simple to mount and easy to use
  • Suitable for use in applications to illuminate robotic work cells by embedding in gating
  • Ideal for use in limited-distance or tight areas such as control panels and under-conveyor needs
  • Can be used in welding areas where light is simple to change
  • May be substituted for legacy hanging fixtures
  • Mounts into most popular .32”, 8mm, and 10mm TSLOT extrusions
  • M12 pigtail available for connecting around extrusion corners
  • Available in 12” or 300mm lengths
  • Available in white
  • IP-50 rated
  • Compliance – CE, IEC62471 photobiological eye safety, RoHS

TSLOT LED Extrusion Light compared to Fluorescent Lights

TSLOT vs. Fluorescent Lights

Light Type 4-300mm TSLOT 6000k 48" 3 Bulb Fluorescent 48" 2 Bulb Fluorescent
Working Distance 38" 38" 38"
Center Lux Reading 1360 1264 843
Edge Lux Reading (36" from Center) 680 550 367
Input Power (Watts) 48 84 56
Lux per Watt 26.7 15.0 15.0


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